Volunteer Cooks Needed for ‘Home Cooked Healing Program’

Volunteer Cooks Needed for Home Cooked Healing Program

Ellsworth—Do you love to cook? Would you like to share your healthy specialty dishes with others in need? If you do, there is a perfect opportunity for you. The Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center in Ellsworth is currently looking for new volunteer cooks for their Home Cooked Healing Program to help us carry out the programs mission.

For several years, home cooks have generously given their time and talents to prepare healthy meals for cancer patients and their families on MDI and the Ellsworth area. Recipients receive meals at no charge for an eight-week period while the patient is undergoing treatment or recovering.  Home-cooked meals are prepared according to individual dietary needs and preferences with complete confidentiality.  Meals are delivered directly to the client’s door or can be available for pick-up at the Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center (BCWCRC.)

Volunteer cooks prepare meals in their own home kitchens.  Because those being served may have compromised immune systems due to cancer treatments, food safety is a top priority and volunteer cooks are required be certified through Maine’s ServSafe program.  The BCWCRC will arrange for ServSafe training and testing if necessary. Volunteers may be asked to prepare one or more meals per week of service.  Frozen organic meats are provided by BCWCRC while cooks may request reimbursement for the purchase of other needed ingredients. Volunteer drivers are also needed to deliver prepared meals once a week.

If you would like more information or to sign up to support people in our community with nutritious food that are living with a cancer diagnosis, please contact the Beth C. Wright Center by February 25, 2022 by calling 207-664-0339 or email: [email protected].