“I started special yoga and exercise classes sponsored by the center one year after my breast cancer and lymphedema diagnoses. These classes, and the camaraderie, understanding, compassion and encouragement I felt from everyone connected to the center, inspired me to get moving, literally and figuratively. Cancer can be isolating and immobilizing at times, and being with others who understand this helped me profoundly. Four years later I feel continuously nourished and nurtured by my new community of friends. Plus, I can now touch my toes and do 20 stomach crunches!”

Marjorie, Blue Hill

“I am a cancer survivor and chief caregiver to my wife Marilyn who is in the ovarian support group at Beth Wright Cancer Center. Being connected lies at the heart of living, especially when illness or loss threatened as they did in our lives. I will always be grateful for the connections that I found at the Beth Wright Center. The Beth Wright Center is a hidden gem, homegrown and serving Washington and Hancock counties.”

Ben, Hancock
Board Member


“Three years ago I had the privilege of collaborating with the Beth C. Wright Center to bring a monthly cancer support group to the regional medical center in Lubec. This proved to be a blessing to the survivors and their families. The Beth C. Wright Center is a clearinghouse for resources and options for all of us professionals, family members and survivors. To me, the Beth C. Wright Center offers hope to cancer survivors in Washington county.”

Tamrah, Lubec
Case Manager,
Regional Medical Center


“I attend a cancer support group with my wife at Bar Harbor Congregational Church. She very much appreciates that I attend these meetings with her. I find them informative and enjoyable, and it really helps her get through a difficult time.”

Scott, Bar Harbor


“I’m a volunteer here at the Beth Wright center. I teach weekly yoga classes and breathing and relaxation classes. I love being at the Beth Wright center. I find that my students, many of whom are still undergoing chemotherapy or have completed chemotherapy, are among the nicest, warmest people I know. They are enthusiastic about life, they try many new things, they are warm, they are supportive of each other, and they are supportive of other people, helping others in the community.”

Mary, Bar Harbor


“I’ve been attending programming at the Beth Wright Center since February 2009 when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I find the programming here has been nurturing and supportive and fun, and I was able to come throughout my entire chemo treatments. I now go to the Mary Dow Center to offer encouragement to the patients there.”

Robin, Orland

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