Coming into Wholeness: A special breath, movement, and support workshop with Paul Weiss and Janice Ronco

Janice Ronco

Paul Weiss

There are many forms of grief associated with cancer treatment and diagnosis, but we live in a culture that often only acknowledges the grief that comes with loss of life.

Cancer brings with it many other losses. We often feel a sense of loss around the changes in our body, or the loss of a sense of safety and certainty about the future, or the loss of a job, a relationship, access to important parts of our pre-cancer lifestyles, or financial stability, which may have come about as the result of our illness and treatment.

If you are a cancer survivor or cancer patient, please join us on June 6th (1 – 3 p.m.) and June 14th (1 – 2:30 p.m.) at the Center for a very special breath and movement workshop focusing on grief and cancer, with Paul Weiss of The Whole Health Center and Janice Ronco of Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County.

There is no charge to attend the initial workshop (June 6th) or the follow-up event (June 14th). Participants will receive grief support in a group environment and then learn Qi Gong skills of breath and movement to take home and use, in moments of stress, despair, or overwhelm. As Paul says, “When we experience traumatic loss of some important part of ourselves or feel like our life has been taken away from us, we need to listen and move in our bodies in new ways to access healing energy and lift the spirit. Qi Gong teaches us to listen to our mind, body and hearts more deeply and to find new meaning. Then, our losses lead not to defeat but transformation.”

Every cancer patient and survivor is welcome, but space is limited. Please call 664-0339 or email [email protected] to reserve your spot today.